Slate says: Ze Frank is the Funniest Man on the Internet

March 24th, 2007 by Larry Smith

No secret that we’re huge fans of Ze Frank here at SMITH, but still: I expected the end of The Show to be somewhat of a bigger deal as the mainstream media played catch-up on videoblogging’s first self-made stars—and pondered his, and the Web’s future.

So I was happy to wake up in a post-Lucinda Williams daze this Saturday morning and see Ze’s mug all over Slate, where Michael Aggers calls The Show, “the best sustained comedy run in the history of the Web … And irreproducible.” We’ve gone over our allotment of shots of Ze’s mug this month, so no photo (sorry, RF), but I’ve embedded his final show below. Click here for a post about my favorite episodes of The Show.

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