Personal Media, Calling Out the Pros

March 23rd, 2007 by Alex

With a hat-tip to Radar Magazine’s Fresh Intelligence blog, which I’ve recently found myself obsessed with, an interesting story about how personal media can be used not just to post videos of yourself doing the Numa Numa dance, but as a reaction to people who, you know, actually get paid for doing this sort of thing.

Seems, according to Radar, that horrifically bad “comic” Carlos Mencia has got a little derogatory nickname for himself — “Menstealia” — for blatantly ripping off the work of legendary comics who’ve come before. So Radar posted this video that someone put together and threw up on YouTube, of Mencia lifting a Bill Cosby joke:

Now, I thought that was good, but wasn’t really planning on posting it until I saw that this kind of thing is practically a YouTube phenomenon. After the jump, someone else gets in on the act. (Ironic, don’t you think?)

It’s like raaiiiiiiiiiiin on your wedding day. (Get it? Because I made an “Ironic” reference before the jump? Oh, screw you.)