Geek Shirts: a SXSWi Photo Essay

March 18th, 2007 by jeremy

SMITH Magazine’s first annual SXSWi Geek T-Stream, a mostly cotton wonder of personal expression. Thanks everyone—you look marvelous.

Watch as a slideshow and download on our Flickr stream. All photos are posted under a Creative Commons license.

Click on photos to enlarge; mouseover for previous and next.

Nerdy girl gone wild P1010049.JPG P1010052.JPG Dogster's Ted Rheingold & Molly Bloom's Molly Ditmore P1010055.JPG
P1010056.JPG P1010110.JPG He draws She draws P1010136.JPG
P1010134.JPG P1010133.JPG P1010132.JPG P1010131.JPG P1010130.JPG
P1010128.JPG P1010123.JPG I'm blogging this P1010119.JPG P1010118.JPG
P1010117.JPG P1010114.JPG P1010109.JPG P1010106.JPG P1010105.JPG
P1010104.JPG P1010103.JPG P1010102.JPG P1010101.JPG SMITH's Smith
No, he doesn't want to... P1010098.JPG Guaranteed P1010093.JPG Barney hata
P1010091.JPG P1010087.JPG P1010086.JPG P1010084.JPG Laughing Squid's Scott Beale
P1010073.JPG Nice font P1010064.JPG P1010062.JPG P1010061.JPG
Twitter bug P1010059.JPG P1010058.JPG P1010057.JPG RUWT
Kevin Smokler at the FrayCafe

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