Brotherhood 2.0

February 27th, 2007 by Larry Smith

196319659_747c0df5dc.jpgGood URL and kind of an entertaining idea: Brotherhood 2.0. The bit? John and Hank Green, two smart and geeky brothers, decide to communicate solely via video blog for a whole year. Why? “After noticing that their relationship had for years consisted primarily of emails and instant messages, John and Hank swore off all textual communication with each other for 2007. Instead, we are making public video blogs back and forth every weekday for the entire year.” And if someone doesn’t hold up their end of the deal and fails to communicate? “The person who fails to update will be punished. Punishments are suggested by viewers, and then the actual punishment is chosen for the sinner by his brother. Other infractions can also result in punishment. The first punishment was chosen by Hank for John: On February 5th, John waxed his chin.”

I smell an FX Channel sitcom brewing.

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