Special Secret Song Inside

February 16th, 2007 by Alex

Bonus points if you figure out what the title of this post refers to. (No fair Googling.)

Couple videos this week, actually. First is a little belated Valentine’s Day fun from a random YouTuber who put together what’s actually a pretty good (though admittedly not great) song in honor of the holiday. Like I said, not the greatest song ever, but I just enjoy the fact that a fun thing like this can go up for so many people to see with so little effort. And it is definitely listenable. After that video, and the jump, even more YouTube fun.

I’ve gotten yelled at by certain SMITH castmembers before for giving in to the catblogging trend, but screw them — this is awesome. Found it on the front page of DailyKos today and thought it needed an even wider audience than it would get there.

Sigh. That cat has more musical talent in one paw than I have in my whole body.

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