The Theory of the Little Bite

February 4th, 2007 by Larry Smith

8398096_deab1d6482.jpgToday’s New York Times has the kind of piece that was born to be devoured, dissected and blogged: Sharp Bites, Allen Salkin’s breezy profile of the new breed of restaurant bloggers in NYC. It’s a solid overview for the Sunday Styles set (and on a personal note: perfectly timed to the end of my month-long detox; man, am I hungry), one that I bet zips up the most e-mailed stories list (prediction: it rests comfortably at the #7 spot).

Still, the stomach rumbles with a few questions:

• How can a piece about food bloggers fail to mention the original gangsta of gastronomy, Chowhound founder Jim Leff? Or has a month without red meat left me grumpy … and that indeed not to kiss the Chowhound ring in a story about our wide Web of food is indeed as fresh as a parsnip in a winter stew?

• Are there any non-white food bloggers out there? I’m not being PC, I’d just like some guidance as to where to find the best bahn mi from Chinatown and beyond—and I want to hear it from a 26-year-old with a six-figure book deal for her hotly anticipated debut memoir, Banh Me: My Journey From the Hills of Ho Chi Minh to the Backrooms of the Lower East Side.

• Finally, is there a blog out there exclusively dedicated to the pursuit of bacon in the five boroughs? If not, hands up if you’d inhale that. Thought so.

Big hungry bonus: if you like the piece about food bloggers, you’ll love SMITH’s new diary, Out of the Frying Pan, Tim Riley’s diary of the weird, funny, and all-true journey of a fancy chef just out of cooking school.

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man eating bahn mi>> Flickr>>Creative Commons>>Telstar*

*Check this: To make this post prettier, I went searching on Flickr, as I often do, for shots labeled “creative commons” (meaning, in most cases, available for non-commercial use). I found a scant 111 results, but one of them was of a familiar face. Is that Spencer, I thought? Clicking through, I saw this caption from our mutual pal Todd Lappin, aka CEO of Telstar Logistics: “Spencer, with the most delicious sandwich in the world, and a pretty good view.”