The Letters to the Editor Revolution

January 30th, 2007 by Alex

Today at Salon, where I’m also on staff, writer-at-large Gary Kamiya writes a cover story about, well, our readers. It focuses on the often wild letters section at Salon, and how both Salon’s writers and Salon’s content has been affected.

This is a frequent topic among staffers — “You” are on “Our” minds all too often. And some of us are quite affected by it. Personally, I really enjoy the nasty letters sent in about me and my articles, but then, the nasty letters about me are never quite as vitriolic, never quite as personal, as those about some of our other writers, particularly the female ones.

Thought this was worth mentioning here on SMITH; this is, after all, one of the least discussed, though ultimately perhaps most influential, aspects of the personal media revolution, and I thought it worthwhile to bring the discussion here. What do you think? Tell us — just don’t call me fat.

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