“Internet Famous, For What That’s Worth”

December 29th, 2006 by Larry Smith

That’s the six-word memoir of a certain R. Hogan, and an apt title for a blog post hyping our hype. I’m always a little torn as to how much to pat ourselves on the back—but it’s been a good week, so here goes.

SMITH’s comics editor and PR machine Jeff Newelt, aka JahFurry, riffs and rolls about his many projects and passions on LVHRD, the blog of our pals at The Happy Corp.

And I talked with Alex Cohen on American Public Radio’s Weekend America about all the amazing six-word memoirs we received for our Six-Word Memoir Contest. You can hear the segment here (it’s fun … and short … trust me). Although the contest itself is over—we’ll announce the winner next week and cough up that iPod—keep your six-words coming as we’re still taking submissions for consideration for our six-word memoir book that’s being published by HarperCollins in early 2008.

Plus: You’ve still got time to submit your six-word resolution for our newest contest .

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