America the Beardiful

December 28th, 2006 by katherine

So if I were a journalist looking to pen the next quirky documentary-style book about an obsession (think Word Freak, say), or a photographer in search of a subculture to take a suite of photographs of, I’d book my ticket for Brighton, England, today. That’s where the World Beard and Moustache Championships will be held this coming September.


From Beard Team USA’s website:

Beard Team USA competes for the United States at the bi-annual World Beard and Moustache Championships. Our primary goal is to promote the worldwide appreciation of beards and moustaches. Other goals include making the United States competitive in the WBMC, promoting and publicizing the WBMC, and facilitating the attendance of members and others at the championships…The team is actively recruiting new members in the hope of fielding the strongest possible squad for the next championships, which will take place in Brighton, England, on September 1, 2007.

The site continues:


Unlike the Olympics, with its highly-competitive qualifying tournaments, strict drug regulations, and gender testing, this truly unique, off-beat public event is open to everyone willing to support his or her country. Well, at least everyone with a beard or moustache. In fact, it is almost unpatriotic not to grow a beard or moustache and enter the competition. The German beard clubs who started the WBMC have long dominated the competition. The Germans’ domination can be attributed to their superior organization and the large number of active and enthusiastic participants.

Hell, if I were hormonally and chromosomally enabled, maybe I’d grow a beard myself and document the competition from the inside. I always wanted to stay in the Olympic Village…maybe it’s like that, but with more hair, less muscles? Or something. I’m calling on the men of America: someone go, and tell me what it’s like.

Images: Beard Team USA.

Hat tip: Dr. Charles

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