Obey your thirst

November 28th, 2006 by kathy

18378286_78c9fe19d4.jpgDoes every can of soda have a story? Well, for some it may be a reminder of party with friends, a family gathering or a first date long ago.

asap writer Pervaiz Shallwani travels from “ethnic grocery stores” to “corner markets” sampling pop from Pakistan, Mexico and India—every hear of Thums Up? Still, these imported sodas are a hit with immigrants who simply want a taste from home. Americans seem to be digging these new fandangled colas with their funky flavors too. Jarritos from Mexico comes in a maroon hibiscus flower flavor, while Pakola from Pakistan comes in a green ice cream flavor.

“One of the general movements we are seeing in the United State today is cultural fusion,” said Valeria Piaggio, a vice president and marketing expert for Iconoculture, a trend research firm in Minneapolis. Foreign sodas, she says, encourage the “expansion of the American palate.”

“They do two things,” Piaggio says. “They appeal to the nostalgia of Latino immigrants and the desire for discovery and experimentation of the general-market consumer.”

You can check out the story here.

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