Bona Fide! Shooting War and the Golden Age of Storytelling

November 6th, 2006 by Larry Smith

SWep1_1_1cLETT.jpgToday we swapped out the Shooting War graphic in our “special projects” square above this column, but we know that people are still discovering our webcomic. Writing in Advertising Age Teressa Iezzi declares, “The burgeoning online comics world produced a bona fide sensation recently with “Shooting War.” Her piece examines how all the rules have changed for storytelling formats, fueled by technology, with webcomics one of most interesting examples. “While the online-content battle has largely pivoted on developments on the video front,” writes Iezzi, “the web has also transformed the rules of engagement and currency for other storytelling formats. Consider the comic.” Shooting War artist Dan Goldman lays it all on the table, reminding us why working with the likes of him and Anthony Lappé we’re trying to make better media, not simply more media:

“In my eyes, the battle is more signal vs. noise,” Goldman says. “The world seems to run on cotton candy and layers of endless illusion/delusion. So creating palpable works that mean something truly serves the common good of upping the desire and ultimately the demand for real culture. After all, isn’t creativity an evolutionary mechanism?”