Her Ex in the Time of Wars and Dixies

October 27th, 2006 by Larry Smith

I stumbled upon an interesting “My Ex” story while checking out Alex Abramovich’s (mainly) music and excellent group blog Moistworks: An MP3 Boombox. Excerpt from a powerful riff by Joanna Yas:

I have an ex-boyfriend in this (seemingly unending) war. “Special forces.” I know nothing more specific than that, except that he’s in Afghanistan and commands Afghani soldiers he refers to as “my brown guys.” This is the boyfriend I was always a bit nervous about introducing to people, having something to do with comments like that. Once, on a trip to Vancouver, he got into a huge fight with some friends of ours about debt relief for Africa (which he strongly opposes). I believe the phrase “survival of the fittest” did in fact come out of his mouth. I said nothing, practically crawled beneath the table. Then later all I could get out was, “This is Canada for God’s sake. Ruth and Tom are Canadian.” He shrugged, pursed his lips in this way which means “People like you don’t agree with people like me but I don’t give a shit because my job is to protect you from evil.”

Read the rest here.

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