Wax Man, 20-Year Lease, Up

October 26th, 2006 by Larry Smith

That’s my six-word story about Spoony Singh, genius creator of the Hollywood Wax Museum, whose obit I just read.
The six-word story — made famous by Hemingway and borrowed by many including Wired (as well as the coming print edition of SMITH) — is a fun exercise. 123602437_60e94f6c98.jpgNot quite Haiku, not really a one-liner, it truly makes you take stock of who you are, and how you might want to be remembered should you choose to be buried and don’t have a lot of extra cash for your tombstone. So maybe it’s a fun game to do six-word memoirs based on obits we’re reading, as well as for mini-memoirs for our living selves. Right now mine feels like—
Big Hair, Big Love, Big Plans
—though, depending on the day, and who you ask, “big mouth” might be more on message. Or:
Big Hair, Big Plans, Running Late