A Hollywood Ending on November 7?

October 26th, 2006 by Larry Smith

What’s after Rock the Vote, MoveOn the vote and the always popular Suppress the Vote? In these make-your-own-media times the answer is Video the Vote. From the people who brought you American Blackout about voter disenfranchisement in the 2004 elections, comes a citizen journalism project with vast promise.

The notion is decidedly simple: dispatch Americans with cameras to regions with a recent history of dirty voter tricks, have them document problems with the vote as they happen, and get those images to the media on Election Day. It’s like the Rodney King video meets the Beastie Boys movie meets the Butterfly Ballot meets the Butterfly Effect. SMITH contributing editor and Shooting War creator Anthony Lappé is heading to Philly with his camera, and you can volunteer to help out whether you have the video goods or not, there’s plenty to do. Here’s a link to how this very cool notion works.