Introducing … the popuLIST

October 24th, 2006 by Larry Smith

Coming to the middle column of this site soon: the popuLIST, a weekly roundup of your always brilliant and sublime answers to our sometimes smart and witty questions. Each week we’ll post a new Q and you’ll have 48 hours to send in a 100-word A. We’ll post the five funniest, oddest, most touching, horrifying, or otherwise relatable answers — and some version of some of all this will end up in the coming print issue of SMITH. It’s a plan arguably less tight than, say, the new Nano, but more thought out than our Iraq strategy. But we think this will be a quick, fun way for you to flex some creative muscles, procrastinate your other work, and come play with us and be part of SMITH.

First Q:
Kim Jong Il has nukes now. Last night on Earth — don’t lie, it’s not what you’re going to do, but whom. So tell us. Who, and more importantly, why? And where? No current partners or US Weekly cover girls. This is the end of the world, people — go crazy.

Shoot us your answers here.