“My Rocketbelt Daze” — A Video Blast Off

September 27th, 2006 by Larry Smith

SMITH’s first original video is a gem. The man at the ukulele is Harold Graham, the first person to fly a rocketbelt, which he did for 13 seconds in 1961 while working for legendary Bell Aerospace Co., earning him the nickname, “His Eminence.” Graham and other supermen of the rocketbelt world gathered this past weekend for the world’s first rocketbelt convention. In honor of that, His Eminence composed and played this original song. John B. Carnett, who I met while doing a story for Popular Science on a self-taught rocketbelt builder in Mexico, accompanied me to the convention and shot this unforgettable bit of video.
Fellow conventioneer Bill Higgins posted the lyrics with some great links on his LiveJournal page here.

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