Money. (That’s What We Want.)

September 21st, 2006 by Alex

Big speculation on potential big money deals today — not one, but two, of the web’s personal media icons are being talked about as potential targets of buyouts.

First on the list is Facebook; a little while back, they were rumored to have turned down an offer of $800 million, and industry experts were guffawing at their over-inflated sense of self. Turns out they may have been right: the Wall Street Journal reports today that Facebook is in talks with Yahoo, and the number being floated is an astounding $1 billion.

And the New York Post is talking about YouTube — seems they won’t sell out for anything less than $1.5 billion, and they’d like to see more. Never afraid to be un-objective, the Post’s report has more than a hint of skepticism about YouTube’s desires, and a couple industry executives are quoted anonymously as saying the number is way too high, but, again, that’s what they were saying about Facebook.

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