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September 19th, 2006 by Larry Smith

Who is SMITH?

We think it’s us, a magazine about storytelling in its many shapes and forms.

CBS thinks it’s a mysterious criminal mastermind leading a band of bad guys trying to pull off a few more jobs before retiring to a nice boring life (though how can that plotline ever get better than Sexy Beast?). While a prime-time drama (by the guy who made ER and the West Wing, no less) would seem to have little in common with a magazine steeped in personal storytelling (save for the fact that I put our SMITH sticker on the ubiquitous “Who is Smith?” posters that seem to be popping up everywhere and probably cost more to make then this site spends in a year), in fact we have at least things in common:

1. The perspective of Smith is from point of view of the criminals. SMITH’s point of view is from the little guy’s looking up, or the “chicken-eye view.”

2. Both have excellent casts. Smith has Ray Liotta, Virginia Madsen, Jonny Lee Miller, and a killer supporting crew. SMITH has Tim Barkow, John House, Alex Koppelman, and a killer team.

3. Both offer compelling storylines full of surprising characters. I received a DVD of the pilot, which was a bit scratched but actually very good (from what I could tell). There’s a character named Jeff who is officially the world’s least Zen surfer. You will love him.

4. As one reviewer explained, “Every line of dialogue, every glance, every moment of silence, is loaded with meaning and intent, yet the pilot never feels slow or overstuffed, despite its long runtime.” SMITH knows how he feels about a long run time. (It’s late and I’m in bed on my laptop).

5. There’s that name.

Smith debuts tonight, some nine months after SMITH. The official site is here. Write in to CBS and ask them to advertise on this site. C’mon Smith, throw us a bone.

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