The Blogosphere’s Neutral Ground?

August 28th, 2006 by Alex

Trailing only about a month behind, the Washington Post took a look today at how civilians in Lebanon and Israel used their blogs during the recent fighting. It’s obviously a little late to the party, but it is worth reading. I especially liked the writer’s take on why blogs became the outlet and refuge that they did:

The Lebanese government forbids its citizens contact with Israelis. But keeping a lid on the Internet is a bit like trying to shovel sand with a sieve. And in the midst of war, scouring online for views from the other side has been one way for Lebanese and Israelis to alleviate the terrible sense of the impotence of standing by as their countries bled. Thousands of people, often posting in English, seem compelled to try to make some sense of the chaos — or, through personal narratives, to help debunk stereotypes and misperceptions.