Fear of Snakes (on a Plane)

August 21st, 2006 by jeffrey yamaguchi

All that hype! And now they’re saying Snakes on a Plane bombed at the box office. It’s possible that a basic fear of snakes kept people away. They just didn’t want to watch an entire movie with snakes slithering around (on an airplane no less) — like watching a 90-minute version of that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Well, my theme here at SMITH has been the stories we do not tell, and of course fear is probably the main reason why we hold back — fear of telling too much, fear of what people might say or think of you, fear of getting it wrong, fear of having to just say it out loud or truly commit to writing it down on paper. But let’s keep this light! Snakes on a Plane light! I’ve got 10 copies of the Snakes on a Plane Quote Book, so the first 10 people who leave a comment about 1) how they felt about the Snakes on a Plane hype, 2) their fear of snakes, 3) why they didn’t go see the movie OR 4) What they thought of the movie because hell yeah they saw it, will get a free copy of the quote book. I do wonder if we’ll even get 10 comments. We may already be at the “I don’t ever want to hear about Snakes on a Plane again!” point.