Mmmm, Food Networking.

July 13th, 2006 by Alex

Via the ever-awesome food blog Slashfood, news of FoodCandy, a new social networking site for foodies. No, seriously.

The site’s founder explains,

Nick Vagnoni asks a very valid question: If you already use other social networks like MySpace, as well as food forums like eGullet, is there really a need for something like this? He deserves a simple answer: yes, of course!

Some people see FoodCandy as MySpace meeting EGullet. MySpace is all about people but not all about food. EGullet is all about restaurants but not about people. FoodCandy brings it all together. Hence FoodCandy is not only cool, it’s necessary.

Food networking that doesn’t involve Rachel Ray? I am so there.

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