Happy Together: Paul Pope & Mark DeNardo

June 27th, 2006 by Larry Smith

Update! SMITH comics editor Jeff Newelt says:
“Let’s just say this event was like being in on the recording of a classic live album. As
good as physically possible.”
Here’s a review from Newsrama.

A special invitation to SMITH readers from our friends at the culture joyster event makers LVHRD (that’s Live Hard). Tonight, and only tonight, LVHRD invites artist Paul Pope (Batman 100) and musician Mark DeNardo to participate in the launch the organization’s newest event format, the Bi-Fold Series. Says them: “The Bi-Fold Series will showcase two diverse artists and thinkers on the same stage in a way that highlights their creative difference while reinforcing the continuity and commonality between each individual’s body of work.”

In other words, put a couple of genius media makers in a room, spin ‘em round and soak it all up.

Pope will present his genre-breaking work to a small audience, followed by a music performance by 8-bit musician Mark DeNardo. Both artists approach their work from a similar “analog” perspective (Pope still draws with pen and ink and DeNardo’s compositions are arranged primarily on a Game Boy). SMITH’s comics editor JahFurry decrees this gig, “The Most PsychedeliSpaceinvadaGraphicnovilicious Team-up of the Jahlennium!!!”

Go to LVHRD.com for tix ($11-$22 —that includes cocktails, friends). Tell them SMITH and JAHFurry sent you, and get a little off the top for an over-the-top night.

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