Alone in a crowd

June 26th, 2006 by becca

Having played with a number of punnier headlines around the state of personal disconnection in a thoroughly connected Internet universe, I got stuck on alone. Because it does seem with all the words and multitasking and text messaging and IM and cell phones that even work on subways, no one’s actually listening. Or, there’s so much talk on the airwaves, that zoning in on friends and family and People Who Matter, is tough, if not altogether impossible.

Cynical, perhaps. And I’ve never been known for that. But this study, out of Duke University, says that nearly a quarter of those surveyed have “zero” close friends.Which is only slightly personally reassuring in that I wasn’t imagining this static on the ether-waves, but is rather disheartening when you look at a culture of Americans with all the tools and technology to stay in touch, but can’t because work and more work is invading their ability to reach out. Even more worrisome is that the more in need, sociologically and economically that you might be, the less likely it is that you actually have someone to respond to that need.

Signing off. I have some friends to call.

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