Graphic Novel = Wallpaper

April 17th, 2006 by Larry Smith

It’s no secret that New Yorkers (and way too many others in the world) are obsessed with real estate, and I gladly admit to heading to said section of the New York Times before, say, reading the latest on the op-ed page from the Public Editor (forgive me Bill Keller, for I have sinned). I actually care less than I should about property values, but the Times’ Real Estate section is full of personal histories and the stories behind where people live and why they live that way—these pages are rich.

Take this kid Loren Kreiss, heir to some fancy furniture business I admittedly have never heard of. He’s profiled in the most recent “Habitats,” a column about people who live in places the rest of us cannot afford, but we shouldn’t hate these people too much as they’ve done something interesting and/or outlandish with their space. Kreiss has decorated his digs using images from a graphic novel he wrote called The Artifact and the Manipulated Living, and is creating wallpaper for other clients in a similar spirit. How cool is that? (By the way, we’ve got some graphic novel news of our own; sign up for our email newsletter at the top right-hand corner of this page and find out first … before we tell the Real Estate section.)

As long as we’re not quite yet reading the Week in Review, we turn our attention to the Style section, where friend of SMITH and all-around slam-dunk-delight Shoshana Berger is featured with her lucky-duck dude Tony Saxe on the wedding pages. Shoshana’s the founder and editor of ReadyMade, a magazine that is to DIY artists and craftsmakers what SMITH aims to be for storytellers. To Shana & Tony we say: Mozel Tov! Big ups! Nameste! Salut! That’s a damn fine ding dong wedding cake!

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