Forgive Me, Ma Bell, for I have Sinned

April 12th, 2006 by john

Guilty? Scared? Scarred? Unheard? Maybe you should just keep your sweet self out of Trader Joe’s and head for the Phone Booth Confessional.

“The Phone Booth Confessional is an experiment in expressing yourself. Tell a story. Confess a frustration, a guilt, a secret. Never leave your name- never leave a return phone number. Just dial, leave a personal message and hang up. This project can be done once, or repeated as often as you like. It may only reach an audience of one, but it is a valuable exercise in expressing yourself, exposing your fears, articulating your vulnerabilities, sharing your dreams. Most forms of art require lengthy processes to convey your expressions. You do not have to be gifted or trained to share your thoughts with the world. You do not need a gallery or a studio to reach an audience. With a quarter and a short walk down the street, you can accelerate the process and dive head first into the realm of self-expression.”