Breaking Up Is Very Hard to Do

April 6th, 2006 by john


Back when AOL (please don’t call it America Online) was carpet-bombing the country with floppy disks and CDs promising hours of online goodness, a lot of people found it easier to simply sign up for the service than to grapple with the slightly more complicated task of copying and pasting server IP addresses into an email client like, say, Eudora. Eventually, though, many of these subscribers gained some measure of cyberconfidence and decided it was time to move beyond the confines of AOL’s moated castle.


Anyone who has ever tried to let the folks there know that, um, they just weren’t that into AOL anymore knows how hard it is to get off the phone. My own conversation with the tech who was unfortunate enough to catch my call ended abruptly — but only after some 15 minutes of my insisting that AOL (required by a job I was leaving) no longer met my needs.

The point of all this is that there is/was actually a page on (who knew?) where you could say sayonara without the tedium of a phone call. But as Marah Marie relates, good luck finding it.

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