St. Patrick’s Day Remainders

March 17th, 2006 by Alex

Everyone at my office started drinking a couple hours ago, but I thought I’d share a couple interesting things before joining them (though, admittedly, I do have a gin and tonic on my desk as I write this).

First — there’s been quite a bit of controversy lately about a new feature on New York media gossip blog Gawker that uses Google Maps to pinpoint the locations of celebrity sightings sent in by readers; you can see one of those articles here. There’s an interesting new development today: Andrew Krucoff, a sometime Gawker source and guest editor that Gawker inadvertently got fired from a job at Conde Nast (it’s a long story) put up a post on his own blog apparently attempting to defuse some of the controversy (or maybe he just hates them, I can’t really tell). Anyway, turns out he’s been sending in fake sightings all week. Here’s his explanation.

And the second thing: I generally find the Huffington Post to be the kind of place that suffers from valuing quantity over quality, but when they do get a good post up, and they often do, it can be really good. I particularly like RJ Eskow’s post today about his Attention Deficit Disorder, a look inside his mind, and let me assure you, he gets the twists and turns of an ADD mind perfectly. Knowing exactly where he’s coming from, it had me laughing pretty hard - when I was paying attention, of course.

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