My Beating Heart (or, V-Day Mention #3,709,246)

February 14th, 2006 by Larry Smith

beatingheart.jpg I was in a funky NYC-based freelancers’ group office space when across a crowded room of desks and video equipment and the sound of writers tapping tapping tapping I fell in love. With a pillow. A pillow that appeared to be moving. Who are you? What is this? Why am I here? A quick inquiry to the low-key lad stitching his creation revealed everything: It was My Beating Heart, a heart-shaped pillow that mimics the beating of a human heart, and the unique creation of philosopher/artist/digital guru Yuri Gitman. He spent years working out the algorithm that simulates the heart, one that even gradually changes its beat the longer you hold it, and leads to a happy, meditative place that’s perfect for a sleeping-pill-popping wreck such as myself. For my $120, My Beating Heart is the single most genius commingling of form and function I’ve ever had the good fortune to drool on.

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