MySpace’s Jekyll …. and Hide

February 8th, 2006 by Alex

At the risk of stereotyping myself as the guy who always posts depressing things (And I’m not always so depressing, which reminds me — Lisa, I’ll take you in an AIM Fight any day…) I thought this was worth sharing.

It’s a screencap, all that’s left of the MySpace profile of one Jacob Robida, ne Jake Jekyll, an 18-year-old suspected of being the man who walked in to a gay bar in Massachusetts last Thursday wielding a handgun and hatchet and wounding three. Robida, who listed his interests on MySpace as, “death, destruction, chaos, filth and greed,” led police on a multi-state manhunt until Saturday, when police say he killed a police officer and a woman who was a passenger in his car before turning the gun — the same one used in the bar attack, according to police — on himself.

Robida’s profile has since been taken down, replaced with a message addressed to the media, calling on us to focus on more important stories. And to be totally honest, most days I’d argue they’re right - but I still think Robida’s old profile is worth a look. His may be an unpleasant story for us to hear, but the beauty of this age is that those of us who want to hear it can. I’ve been seeing a lot of fear out there about sites like MySpace lately, reports from people who want to tell you how to keep your kids safe (right after we check in on the weather, of course) from the deviant predators surely lurking behind every corner of the Internet. And yes, there are some bad people out there, and some things to be careful of, but things like this are also a window into souls we were closed off from before. That can only be a good thing.