Breakup Books (A Blogroll Please…)

February 8th, 2006 by Larry Smith

My name is Larry. I am a straight male. And I am an admitted Vows reader. Vows is the graceful center piece of NYT’s wedding announcement pages in the Sunday Styles section, often called “the sports page for women.” My woman not only reads Sports, but just won the Super Bowl pool. And we both love Vows, a Sunday valentine in the messy miniseries that is life and love.

Friend of SMITH and “writer so traveled and talented it’s hard to believe she’s so young” Anna Jane Grossman penned The New York Observer’s answer to Vows, the lesser known but spunkier The Love Beat. Turns out she also had a knack for announcing unions that unraveled, so she launched Breakup News with Flint Wainess. They’ve just published It’s Not Me, It’s You: The Ultimate Breakup Book, which winks at you while offering strategy as to how to best survive the fall, from getting your crap back to the ins and outs of breakup sex.

Anna Jane gives up the goods on her own messy ex situation on SMITH’s “My Ex” story section. Click here for a tale of woe from a modern day Ms. Lonelyhearts.

A bonus horse of a different color: If We Ever Break Up, This is My Book

This little book (in size, not aspiration) portals you into the mind of a guy making sense of his own break in the form of surreal doodles, hand-drawn pie charts (e.g.: the breakdown of the first person you ever kissed v. “other stuff”) and scary-smart squibs of insight. It’s funny, devastating, and gets rave after rave from every friend who uses my bathroom.