Batgirl Was Here.

January 26th, 2006 by Tim Barkow

I totally love Livejournal, and I think it beats blogs in general because it is so focused on feedback and community, and not so much on the publishing aspects, which of course it does too. In my opinion, you don’t get community without comments, which is really too bad, since feedback is the true revolution of blogs. (Cheap publishing tools we had before.)

So, here is my Livejournal find of the week: Batgirls.

Also, here’s a nice take from my favorite hoops blog, TrueHoop on life as a streetballer. It’s a nice taste of what life is like for those who continue to pursue their dreams outside of the NBA.

Makes me yearn for a chance to buy the Portland ABA franchise and travel up and down the West Coast with my team, playing ball in school gyms. I mean, if SI’s Alexander Wolff can start the Vermont Frost Heaves, there got to be some hope right?

I think I’ll call my team the PDX Weirdos (inside joke for Portlanders).

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