January 23rd, 2006 by Larry Smith

If you’ve recently bounced over here from the design, culture, and tech trend spotter Cool Hunting site—welcome! Those (clearly) discerning and delightful coolhunters wrote: “Now there’s a mag that’s unabashedly harnessing the infinite pool of online writing talent into one monthly publication. SMITH Magazine sits on the pulse of today’s cultural narrative.” Check out how cool we are here.

If you’re new, here’s how SMITH works.
• In this column we offer our blog, a rolling conversation about the personal media explosion and the making of a magazine about this golden age of storytelling.
• The middle column is all yours. This is your space, where you share your stories, sometimes responses to the stories in the magazine preview and other times new riffs on entirely new topics.
• The third column is living, breathing preview of our forthcoming print magazine. The best of your stories will appear in a future issue.

Above all, we want SMITH to be a conversation among readers, writers and editors. We say it over and over, and man do we mean it: Everyone has a story.

And: we’re all in this together.

SMITH Magazine

SMITH Magazine is a home for storytelling.
We believe everyone has a story, and everyone
should have a place to tell it.
We're the creators and home of the
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