Jewel Smith (Smith)

January 12th, 2006 by Larry Smith

We shored up our Durham, NC base with a kick-of-a piece in the News & Observer.

Since this story ran a few days ago, I’ve not only been mocked repeatedly for the photo of me in the sombrero (in my defense, I was in Mexico, the sun was strong, and I was given the lid by a self-taught Mexican rocket scientist ) as well as had my look compared to Onion publisher emeritus T. Herman Zweibel, but have been receiving a slew of email from all sorts of Smiths in the greater Durham, NC region. “Southern Smith of the Month,” hands down, is the one and only Jewel Smith (Smith) who writes:

My claim to fame around here is that my mother’s maiden name was Jewel Helen Smith; she married a Smith, and named me Jewel Helen Smith, and I, too, married a Smith. Therefore, we were both Jewel Helen Smith Smith. The doctor on my birth certificate who delivered me was Dr. John (?) H. Smith. Which I always tell people lends credence to the stories that Southerners marry within their families. Also, I have a sister-in-law who was Jewell Smith until she married a Fader. I doubt if anyone can top this story. Now, can I have a free copy of Smith Magazine?

You’re first on the list, babe.

We’re not solely or even largely about Smiths (it just seems this way given the reverb of the big Smith media folk blast), but we do want to hear from Smiths far and wide across the country. Click here and tell us your story–or nominate a Smith you know to be in SMITH.

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