Kids Are Better Than You

January 11th, 2006 by Tim Barkow

I remember having a radio show in high school, a little 10-watt station tucked behind a door in an obscure hall of one of the buildings. I didn’t even know we had a radio station until a friend pointed it out (we ended up sharing the morning timeslot, Tuesdays maybe? I forget.) Even though I had maybe 5 listeners, it was exhilerating to know you were sharing, exposing, torturing the world with your musical tastes.

Today, of course, you can podcast your way to the world. This 15-year-old, Zoe, has better musical taste than me. And I’ve had time to develop, boy have I had time. She’s been honing her skills on her dad’s friend’s LA pirate radio station, and now you can download her shows as mp3s from her site.