The Makers

January 9th, 2006 by Tim Barkow

For the geekier among us, you should know that my good friend Bob Parks has written a book, Makers: All Kinds of People Making Amazing Things In Their Backyard, Basement or Garage (Amazon link).

Makers features technologies old and new used in service of the serious and the amusing, the practical and the outrageous. The makers profiled are driven by a combination of curiosity, passion and plain old stick-to-itiveness to create the unique and astonishing. Most are simply hobbyists who’ll never gain notoriety for their work, but that’s not what motivates them to tinker.

The book is published by O’Reilly, publishers of Make magazine, which is also pretty great. This is a perfect example of a publisher that really celebrates its audience. Tim O’Reilly is a smart guy, one of the smartest in the techie space.

But let’s get back to Bob. Bob lives in Vermont with his family. He just sent me this photo of him and his daughter Lucy, which inspired me to post. Maybe we start ‘Cute Attack’ Mondays?

Bob and Lucy